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Storm damage

Roofing materials are subject to damage from strong winds as well as flying debris. They are not designed to withstand winds of hurricane and tornado intensity. Winds of moderate intensity, with gusts that may reach 50 to 75 miles per hour can also damage roofs.


The cause of most damage is usually the partial vacuum created by wind blowing over the edge of the roof. The high pressure area inside the building loosens fasteners, breaks the adhesion, and makes the roof susceptible to damage.


You can counteract the effects of wind-uplift forces by adequately fastening and fortifying your roof.

Reliable Storm Damage Services

Hail Damage Repair

Hail can cause soft spots or "bruising" on asphalt shingles and loosen hard granules that make up the surface of the shingle. This leaves your home vulnerable to future damage like water intrusion.


Hail and strong winds can decrease the life span of the roof system and damage your home’s siding and gutter systems. Get in touch with our BBB accredited company for hail damage repairs.

Insurance Claims Support

Having worked with insurance companies for a long time, our professionals know what is required to process your claim. We serve as an advocate to make sure the insurance process operates in your best interest.


You need to keep in mind that the methods of processing claims vary between insurance carriers. This steps described here are general guidelines and a good indication of what to expect from your insurance company.


When faced with roof damage, call Elite Roofing & Construction immediately to schedule a FREE on-site inspection. We'll determine if the damage was incurred and if a claim is necessary.


After we confirm the damage, contact your agent to request an inspection. Your agent can authorize any temporary repairs necessary to prevent further damage to your property. You should take pictures of the damage prior to any repairs.


When an insurance adjuster comes to inspect your home, call our representative to make sure that the damage is properly assessed.


You'll receive a claim sheet outlining the scope of damage and the funds being made available for the repairs, minus your deductible. We'll take care of your repairs. Your receipts should be kept safe and submitted to the insurance agent.


Most homeowner policies grant coverage for full replacement cost, provided the repairs are actually completed. The depreciation is deemed recoverable and the final payment is made after your receipts have been processed.


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