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Set up an appointment with our experts for your leakage problem. We'll check the cause of your leakage and explain what’s required to make the repairs.


Doing simple repairs in time and regular maintenance can extend the life of your roof.


Caulk can dry and pull away from flashings. Your house can move slightly due to expansion and contraction. We can re-caulk critical areas from time to time.


Even the best roof can experience shingle blow-offs. Over the period, the asphalt seal strip on the bottom side of the shingle becomes weak. The wind can lift the shingle, pull through the nails, and fly off.


Squirrels are attracted to the lead and they chew away at the pipe flashings made of lead, rendering them ineffective. We can either have them caulked or replaced. Speak to us to learn more.


If your pipe flashings are made of plastic, the UV rays of the sun eventually break them down. We can have them replaced.


Several times, we’re called out for roof leaks, only to find it’s not the roof but the siding on walls, chimneys, windows, masonry chimneys, chimney caps that are the cause of the leaks.


When tree limbs rub on the roof and cause damage to shingles, we'll have them trimmed back and the shingles replaced. Trust a GAF certified "Weather Stopper" contractor for your needs.

Efficient Leak Detection and Installation

Helpful Installation Tips

You can help us make the installation process smoother by taking care of small details. This will assist our technicians in completing the project without unnecessary delays.


Keeping the gates to your yard unlocked will facilitate the cleanup process. Sprinkler systems and alarm systems need to be turned off while the work is in progress.


The roofing work can cause vibration to your walls. Protect your valuable or fragile items in your home that could be damaged by falling from shelves or walls.


Take your pets to another location during the construction, and relock the gates when you bring them back into your yard.


When the wood shingles are being removed, dirt and debris will drop into your attic. You should cover stored items or move them to another room. We'll use a leaf blower to dust off the remaining items and will remove the debris.


Move items like tools, outdoor furniture, potted plants, and barbeque grills to the empty area next to your house to protect them from falling roofing materials.


Before the work begins, check your attic for proper electric wiring. If your wiring does not conform to code, we'll not be responsible for any damage that could occur.


Keep your vehicles off your driveway and out of your garage to enable us to load roofing material, remove debris, and clean up after we are done.


Keep small children away from the work area to protect them from harm. We use a magnetic roller to pick up nails that fall, but it's possible for us to miss some of them.


When sheetrock is nailed to the underneath side of the rafters, as in most vaulted ceilings, the texture may fall off of the nail heads because of the vibration created in the roofing process. We'll paint over any nail heads that are exposed if you supply the paint.


Shift the items located under skylights or cover them. We remove the skylight frame from the curb to re-flash it correctly. The sheetrock dust or dried paint could drop inside when we do this.


We always order a sufficient supply of materials to prevent shortage during the installation process. In case of leftover materials, they become our property. We'll remove them when your roofing job is completed.

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